A Man gets Millionaire With One Fish Called Crockery Fish.

 Another crockery fish has been caught from the coastal district of Gwadar in Balochistan, which will sell for Rs 13.58 million.

 Crocker fish has been caught in Jwani area of ​​Gwadar.

 According to locals, the fish sold at auction has been sold for Rs 13.58 million while the fish was caught in the net of a lucky fisherman in Jwani.

 This fish is more common in areas where there are mangroves.  Along with mangroves, the most suitable place for them is the freshwater.

 Some fish are very valuable because of their meat, but the case with crockery is different.  The price of crockery is actually due to its air bladder in which it floats due to the filling of air. The air bladder of this fish is used for medical purposes and is in demand in China, Japan and Europe.

 Crocker fish's air bladder is used in the internal organs of the human body, in stitches used during surgery, especially in heart surgery, stitching etc.

 Threads are made from their air bladders for use in surgery.

 Air bladder is also used to make soup, and is used by people in China, Europe and other cold countries.  It has the status of a luxury food.  In addition to increasing physical strength, it is also used to strengthen the spinal cord due to its high calcium content.

 This precious fish is called Crocker in English, Sawa in Urdu and Kar in Balochi

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